Iwkowa Poland

Verein zur Förderung der Städtepartnerschaften der Stadt Selm e.V. - Iwkowa Poland

Iwkowa - Horticulture in Lesser Poland

The rural commune of Iwkowa is situated in the province of Lesser Poland, about 80 km south of Krakow, in the district of Brzesk, and has about 6500 inhabitants.

The seven districts belong to Iwkowa:
Iwkowa, Wojakowa, Katy, Dobrociesz, Druzkow Pusty, Polom Maly, Porabka Iwkowska.
Horticulture characterises the hilly landscape of the Beskid Mountains (foothills of the Carpathians). Plum cultivation is particularly important in the region and is celebrated annually in a large festival in autumn. In Iwkowa, tradition stands side by side with modernity. The folklore group Iwkowanie has already visited Selm twice and thrilled the audience with music, dance and costumes. However, life in the Polish twin town is also determined by many handicraft businesses. The background of many businesses is wood processing, e.g. for the production of window frames, but the processing of agricultural products also characterises the face of Iwkowa. There is even a vineyard

The historic wooden church in the centre of the village, a typical example of the stave churches in the region, is worth seeing.

Since 2006, there have been regular exchanges between pupils from the grammar schools in Woyakowa and Selm, and from 2012 onwards there have been regular reciprocal visits between people from Selm and citizens from Iwkowa, which have since grown into a partnership that was officially signed in 2016.

Pupils, representatives of the youth parliament and citizens of Selm repeatedly experienced Polish hospitality and culture.