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Verein Städtepartnerschaften der Stadt Selm e.V. - Walincourt-Selvigny


 Walincourt-Selvigny lies in Departement Nord - Arrondissement Cambrai – Canton Clary, 431 km from Selm. The partnership is between the group of communities known as Walincourt-Selvigny and Selm. The group of communities consists of.



2044 inhabitants


508 inhabitants


41 inhabitants


456 inhabitants


201 inhabitants


622 inhabitants


1672 inhabitants


2184 inhabitants


1115 inhabitants


1428 inhabitants


10943 inhabitants


S.I. Walincourt-Selvigny, Nordfrankreich, Département Nord

At the start, the new Collège François Villon in Walincourt-Selvigny and its head teacher, Jean-Pierre Lefèbvre looked for a possibility of an exchange scheme for pupils learning German. But building a Franco-German friendship was at the heart of the idea. So the official path to find a partner school began in 1989. The headmaster of the Otto-Hahn-Realschule in Selm, Bernd Mengelkamp was looking for a French exchange scheme at the same time. Out of several French schools, he chose the one closest to Selm, namely Walincourt-Selvigny in northern France. The first telephone with Jean-Pierre started the partnership rolling: after a meeting between teachers and head teachers, the first exchange took place in 1990. The good work created together soon brought about thoughts of twin towns. Because the college served children from 11 communities, it was this group of communities which became the partner town. With the first official contacts in 1991, hosts and guests soon became closer to one another. The French had already written and brought with them a draft of the partnership contract. The deciding factor was apparently the friendly atmosphere in Saal Kreuzkamp where a musical event took place. On 22nd March 1992 the mayoress of Selm, Inge Hamann, and the town director, Dr. Wegener as well as the mayor and politician Daniel Fiévet signed the charter for the partnership at the festival in Villers-Outréaux.

(Information from 1999 )