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Verein Städtepartnerschaften der Stadt Selm e.V. - Selm


Selm is a town in North Rhine Westphalia which belongs historically and geographically to the southern part of the Muenster Region. Since the last communal reform, Selm belongs to the administration area of Unna, and is included in the Ruhr District. The town, with its three parts (Selm, Bork and Cappenberg) lie at the north-westerly tip of the district of Unna. The first archaeological finds date from the mid stone age, and the first signs of a settlement are from the early stone age (diggings in Ternsche). The town was first mentioned in a charter from 858 A.D. as part of the Benedictine cloisters of Herford, and bore the name “Seliheim”. This developed into “Selheim” and then “Selhem” before arriving at its name today, “Selm”. In 1900 industrialisation arrived in Selm, thanks to the opening of the mines. The closure of the pits in 1926 caused catastrophic consequences for the town, which lasted until 1956.

Selm is a young town: only after the reforms in 1975 did it receive town status. Since then, three areas, Selm, Bork and Cappenberg make up the town. Selm has about 27,000 inhabitants (in 2011).


Stadt Selm, NRW, Deutschland

With the start of the town partnerships in November 1993 a partnership circle was founded, in accordance with the culture office. The idea was to inform citizens about the future meetings. Spokes persons were Greta Prager, Elke Leistner and Margret Göhler. The first visit from England took place over Mayday weekend and it became clear that the partnership circle was dedicated to both partner towns. The members were ready to be host families for French and English guests, and actively helped the donation and collection action for Workington. At the end of the year, authorities decided the town partnerships should now “be in the hands of the citizens”. The partnership circle should now take over the responsibility for organisation, and for sharing information with house holds in Selm. The partnership circle decided that this meant a definite committee was now needed. Therefore, a working committee set about writing a constitution. On 22nd February 1995, the Association for the Promotion of the Twin Towns of Selm was set up. The leading figures on the committee were elected: Margret Göhler (chairman), Hans Hoppe (vice chairman), Birgitt Kranz (scribe), Brigitte Lorscheider (treasurer). The other members were: Doris Cymontkowski, Henri de Jongste, Anne Körwien, Mechthild Nolden, Herbert Schröder.